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Commercial – Rural – Residential

Boom Spray Application

With two 4WD Toyota Landcruiser’s equipped with 12m spray booms, and two Suzuki ATV Quads with 3m booms, all with computer and GPS application for efficiency we service:

  • Spray out pastures
  • Dock, Buttercup, Thistles, Ragwort
  • Grass grub
  • Facial eczema
  • Select spray for certain weeds
  • Total vegetation control


Gun Spray Application

For targeted weed control of pests such as gorse, blackberry, boxthorn, and barberry. Our 4WD vehicles equipped with 200 m hoses will get us anywhere, even those hard to reach areas.

Ground Spray

Industrial sites, schools, businesses, lifestyle blocks, private lawns, and yard clean ups. For cleaning up the broad leaf or other selected weeds on the lawn. Also suitable for small paddocks or for those wanting to clean up the weeds around your business, school, or sports field.

Roadside Vegetation

Using specialised twin steer trucks and custom designed quad bikes. Working on local government road maintenance contracts we spray vegetation around roadside edge markers, culverts and route position pegs, signposts, bridge approaches, drains, culvert ends and water tables, footpaths as well as kerbs and channels.

Happy Clients

We have had a long term and successful relationship with Hayes Spraying. They are very skilled in vegetation and chemical management and have constantly delivered our contract requirements with a hassle free approach. They are a key partner in our maintenance contract delivery.

HIGGINSScott Millar

Hayes have provided a reliable spraying service to us for many years. Their experience combined with the right equipment mean they can get the job done at a reasonable price and timeframe. We highly recommend Hayes Spraying.


I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I’m glad I decided to work with you. It’s fantastic how good your communication is and flexibility with spray availability. If there is problem, you sort it quickly. Our turf is weed free and looking good as you not only provide weed control but apply fertiliser and wetting agents as directed. It used to take me three weeks to control weeds but now you do it in two days.


Hayes Spraying Services have undertaken chemical vegetation control throughout the rural roading network of the Whanganui District for the past 15 years. During that time they have proven themselves to be reliable and consistent in their approach to delivering a quality outcome oriented service. Their long serving employees have come to know and understand the ins and outs of our district’s requirements which assists them to deliver an efficient service. This is also aided by the companies continued investment in modern high quality equipment. At times of high demand, when additional work is required or queries are made as to programme completion, Trevor and Jon have always provided prompt and efficient information and service to accommodate our requirements. I have no hesitation in recommending Hayes Spraying Services should you require chemical application.


Over the last three years Higgins Family Holdings Ltd have made considerable use of Hayes Spraying to spray for both general weed growth and also for areas where gorse has become a problem. At all times the work has been carried out in a timely manner and the success rate has been 100%. In residential areas where a degree of care has had to be taken so as to only spray what had to be sprayed, and where members of the public were present, all appropriate precautions have in my experience been taken by Hayes Spraying which speaks well of their Health & Safety Protocols.